Red Trail (7.5km)

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DIFFICULT : Difficulty Level 2 - 3
For proficient mountain bikers with good off- road riding skills where a higher level of fitness and stamina is required.

Commencing from the public car park in the centre of Golspie the route heads out via Fountain Road (past the fountain) and up hill under the railway bridge. After passing Rhives Farm the singletrack starts in a mature broadleaved wood and climbs steadily up into the forest. Minor stone features along the way add interest and a warm up for things to come.

The singletrack joins “coconut alley”, a forest track named after the smell of gorse flowers that line the edges in Spring. After a short distance the red route joins the blue on “Cat’s Climb“, a singletrack ascent from which views open up as height is gained.

Dramatic backdrop and ramp

On joining the forest road the red route turns downhill and then up a fairly steep section to the start of the serious fun. “Valhala” is reached! (the heavenly hall of the Norse). This trail has a very smooth, fast surface and includes drop-offs, bomb holes, ski jumps, a canyon jump and other stone features en-route to a seriously fast section of narrow swoopy singletrack within closely planted pinewood.

A breather can be had as the trail crosses the main forest road and widens to accommodate “big air” on table top jumps, massive berms, drops and seemingly endless swoopy trail through a magnificent area of old Scots pine.

Dramatic fish eye lens view of rock jump obstacle

The grand finale features Thor and Odin, two large table top jumps separated by a further jump into a fantastic bomb hole. Test your riding skills on “the log” before crossing the fields of Rhives Farm on some relaxing natural trail to return to the start.

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...trail has a very smooth, fast surface and includes drop-offs, bomb holes, ski jumps, a canyon jump and other stone features en-route...

A photograph taken looking down onto a wooden ramp with cyclist traversing, the distant vistas show farmland and dramatic sea views. The trail progresses into the distance where forestry begins to grow on either side obscuring the views but providing cool respite.

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A photograph taken from a low level looking directly upward toward a cyclist clearing a rock obstacle, only his front wheel has touched the ground. The trail leads off into the near distance, bordered by forestry.

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