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AGM Monday 9th February 2015

The AGM is at the Golspie Community Centre starting at 6.30pm and concluding at 7.00pm. All welcome.

Ticket Machines only 3 per car

From April 2014 we have reset the ticket machines to 3 per car (previously 5) to encourage more support as all monies go towards the trails.

Trail Passes and Donations

From 2014 we have introduced trail passes valid for one year from date of purchase and a donations facility. Either of which may be purchased online via our Facebook Shop.

  Visit Highland Wildcat Facebook Shop for more information

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We are always planning new events - so all suggestions welcome!

A photograph taken from downhill, looking upward toward the monument built on top of Ben Bhraggie in memory of the first Duke of Sutherland. Crossing, left to right, part way up the hill is part of the cycle track.

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A photograph taken in the forestry showing two cyclists travelling along the track. The density of the trees provide a measure of cast shadow, through which bright sunlight shines.

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A dramatic, panoramic photograph depicting the sweeping view from the Ben Brhaggie monument on the left of picture across farmland and forestry as the hill sweeps away toward the sea. The panoram is such that the curvature of the earth is implied from the image.

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