What the future holds

The current trails comprising the 18km of trail built around Ben Bhraggie, represent only phase 1 of a much wider aspiration. Possible future phases have been identified as follows.

Phase 2 being a skills development area above the Highland Wildcat carpark at the west end of Dunrobin Wood. This will include examples of features to be found on the trail network, graded from blue to black, and some North Shore (raised wooden trail normally used to traverse wet & boggy ground). Being close to the carpark it will be designed with inexperienced and novice users in mind.

A bridge of wooden construction

Access to Phases 2 & 3 would be via Picts Path (which is already in place) named after the Pictish Broch located within the area.

Phase 3 intended as a family orientated cross country trail of 8-10 km in length that passes through mixed coniferous and broadleaved woodland. This area includes the Designed Landscape associated with Dunrobin Castle and some fine views can be had over the Castle grounds to the Dornoch Firth.

Phase 4 where cyclists could continue to Brora via a community link to be constructed or the coastal path which is included in.

With Phases 1-4 in place the area would be a national destination for mountain biking; justifying long weekends and holidays focussed around East Sutherland.

Cyclist traverses a ramp

Phase 5 is a more ambitious plan to develop an epic contour trail around Dunrobin Glen, linking the Ben Bhraggie Wood and Dunrobin Wood trails. This would ensure that Highland Wildcat, Golspie, is of a scale sufficient to hold large mountain bike events and attract visitors from Europe and beyond.

A map of planned future phases is included in the maps section - by selecting here

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... ambitious plan to develop an epic contour trail around Dunrobin Glen.

A photograph taken looking up toward a bridge of wooden construction that crosses a small valley used by hill walkers. Two cyclists are traversing the bridge and underneath the small gate that allows walkers to pass in safety.

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A photograph taken looking directly toward a cyclist traversing a wooden ramp, two fellow cyslists are following in the background. The Red Trail offers many testing obstacles that provide a rich day of sporting activity, some testing features and difficult paths through forestry.

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